This xuất hiện source 3d printer is the perfect entry-level model for do-it-yourselfers. The low cost 3 chiều printer is easy lớn install & prints almost soundlessly. With the single extruder you can print the coolest PLA 3d creations with high precision.Read more
Use your own creation or choose existing designs
Easy to lớn use and install
High-precision 3d printing
Quiet in use

Product description:3D Printer Easythreed model X1

Are you a budding 3d enthusiast looking for a small 3d printer at a nice price? Then look no further, then Easythreed mã sản phẩm X1 is really for you!

Entry-level 3d printer

No worries if you are still new khổng lồ the world of 3 chiều printing. This Easythreed X1 3d printer is especially suitable for people who are new to 3 chiều printing for the first time. It takes no time at all lớn set up and the accompanying software is so easy lớn use that you can get lớn grips with it even as an online novice!

One touch of a button

This entry-level 3 chiều printer allows you khổng lồ create all kinds of 3d creations with high precision. The printer has a one-key printing base. After inserting a TF memory thẻ (included), you press the print button once and the machine does the rest. It only needs khổng lồ warm up briefly & then automatically prints your 3 chiều design. Model X1 also prints almost silently, which of course is also a big plus for a 3 chiều printer at such a soft price.

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Easily upload 3d designs

So how exactly does that work if you want khổng lồ have your self-designed creations printed? With this Easythreed X1 3d printer, it is very easy. The accompanying software Easyware helps you vì so. You create your design via this programme, upload it onto the TF memory card và then insert it into the printer. The printer thinks: say no more, & then knows exactly what to do. All you have to vì is insert a filament, press the start button & printing will begin. This printer is suitable for PLA filaments.

Want khổng lồ know more?

Of course, you can take 3 chiều printing a step further và further. & if you are interested in it, there is a lot to lớn learn about this technology. The enclosed manual of this 3 chiều printer contains much more information about the specifications of the machine và how khổng lồ handle it. Helpful tips & tricks can also be found in the instructional videos on You

In the box

3D printer
Power cable
USB cable
TF memory card
Card reader
Manual10 meter trắng filament rollPlease note

A 10-metre white filament roll is supplied with the printer. The Easythreed model X1 fits a 250-gram filament spool (a 1 kg spool is too heavy).

Brand Name: Easy
ThreedModel Number: NANO (with windows)CE Certification: YesColor Print Speed: 10-40mm/sPrint Technology: FDMAvailable Case Color: Orange, WhiteBuilding Size: 90*110*110mmLayer Thickness: 0.05-0.3mmPrinting Filament: PLALinear Guides: Carbon Fiber Rods GuidesPrinting Accuracy: 0.2mmSlice Software: E3D NANOMachine Size: 188X188X198mmBuilding Platform: Removable


Customers need to know that no matter with miễn phí shipping or not, it does not include your country"s import tax or clearance costs.Please check carefully with your local custom before placing order.

When you place the order, ​please kindly leave us a message about what specification of power và plug you need.

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Do you feel upset and helpless when your kids spend most of their spare time watching TV và playing computer games after school ? Will your kids have interests to make their desired toys ?do you want to enhance their imagination và creativity ? Own one of our mini 3d printer , all these problems will be solved.


The 3d printer Nano is a fun companion for kids.

It can print many different types of toys, it can inspire children"s endless imagination và creativity. 

Do your children lượt thích watching TV and playing games too much?

Send him a NANO 3d printer.



Easythreed mini 3 chiều printer NANO is specialized designed for kids" 3d printer education. 

It"s an easy plug và play 3 chiều printer. Kids just plug, tải về models from internet, One-Key slicing and then bringing an object into the real world by 3 chiều printing technology. 

No need khổng lồ worry about it"s not safe lớn use. The frame is made of plastic with light weight of 1.1KG only. It"s not a hot bed which is just a normal temperature printing bed. Và also there are 4 optional transparent windows to prevent your kids from touching the hot nozzle during printing. So it won"t burn kids" fingers & hurt kids. 

Its mini compact size won"t occupy too much room. Its printing process is quiet without much noise. What is more, its a great gift for children. 3 chiều printing is not far away from us. NANO can help your kids enjoy the fun of latest new 3 chiều technology.



Product specification:


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